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Honest, Unbiased Video Presentation for your Resume

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A Rocktell video doesn't permit re-recording, so employers can see your true self, without any photoshop.


Each video is permitted 1.5 minutes to show your unique communication style.


Every video asks a unique, "fun" question to allow you to answer with creativity, your "think on your feet" skill!


Send employers a link to your video. You save them time. Think they won't be impressed?

What is Rocktell Open Interview Video?

A "think on your feet" video attached to your resume so that employers can have more idea of your communication skill before the actual physical interview.

  • One video good for all employers or university admissions
  • Rocktell is the preferred platform for the global soft skill certification organization IITTI

Features of Rocktell

Stand out from the crowd by sending employers and university admissions your Rocktell video without them asking! This is taking initiative!


You get one freebie.


If you want to record more videos, you can buy an interview pass.


Rocktell provides you with a shortcut link you can attach to resume.

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What people say

Do you know the trend for companies now is to NOT look for fancy degrees, or any degrees at all, but to hire talents who can show they understand the importance of communication skills?

"The biggest skills gap is not coding, it’s soft skills."

"Looking for a job is like a puzzle. Unfortunately, your college degree is just one piece of that puzzle. It has changed so much."

"It is no longer about just having a resume, look for a job opening, send in the resume, get an interview and get hired, but nowadays there is a lot more that needs to go into it."

"It is very unfortunately that we see some applicants not being able to close that loop and complete their communication skills or whatever that soft skills may be that they are lacking."

"It really comes back to employability and soft skills. You can have the technical ability and a great degree, but there is a disconnect between how job seekers are presenting themselves, and what employers are trying to raise the awareness to job seekers as to what they see as important."

"A company may have one opening but with 30 applicants. So they winnow down to three people that they will interview. You want to do everything you can beyond the regular resume to be one of the three."

What you pay



  • One free recording session
  • Shortcut link to your videos
  • Control which videos are public/private
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  • Buy an 'interview pass' for 1, 3 or 5 sessions
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